Bullshit on Campus – SFU Edition

It’s very disturbing, although no longer surprising, when what seems like Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) co-opt the language of feminism and anti-oppression to try and claim some kind of victim status. Check this out – after an alleged assault the member services officer of the Simon Fraser Student Society is quoted:

“Monique Ataei has created an unsafe space for male board members of the SFSS by sending a mass email . . . claiming false accusations.”

This kind of bullshit, after an alleged assault against a woman in the offices of the SFSS, is breathtakingly manipulative and a typical example of the kind of MRA rhetoric that seeks to claim oppression when called out on blatantly violent or misogynistic actions.

Our campuses are not safe for women. SFU needs to deal with this swiftly. More to come.

SFSS internal conflict follows alleged physical altercation


The following Tuesday night, Zhang sent Ataei a text message apologizing for not handling the situation sooner.

He continued, “Lying is wrong regardless whether you win or not. Once you lie and twisted the truth, you can hurt the people around you and you will regret it for the rest of life. I sincerely hope to speak to you asap and I hope that you remain faithful to your morales[sic] and integrity.”

The Peak first learned of the incident when Ataei sent out an email to board members and other university stakeholders stating that she would not be returning to the SFSS board office, due to a “lack of safety.”

Ataei wrote, “I will not be setting my foot in the SFSS office, for I have seen the lack of response incidents receive from the majority of the executive.”  In response, business representative, Brandon Chapman, replied: “This email is unacceptable. You are supposed to be a professional. Stop acting like a child.”


And this is the kind of non-action press release that perfectly characterizes the equivocating and pathetic response we’ve come to expect from our universities:


[For Immediate Release]

Incident in SFSS Space

Burnaby, BC – October 18th, 2013

A Simon Fraser Student Society Board of Directors member has raised an issue of concern around the conduct of another Board of Directors member on October 11th, 2013.

While we realize that public statements have been made regarding this incident, the SFSS is committed to protecting its Board members’ personal information while investigations continue. The assistance of external parties is being pursued to investigate the incident further and reach a resolution. Meanwhile, other options are being pursued to ensure all Board of Directors members have access to a safe work space to continue with their mandate of serving SFU students.

The Simon Fraser Student Society continues to take the safety of its members, staff, and Board of Directors very seriously.



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Time to contact these two? Action ideas?