A Poem for Rex Murphy

Oh Canada,
so generous with our genocide,
why won’t you say thank-you say thank-you
for fracking up the future
for pipelines
like the one spewing filth from Murphy’s throat,
pipelines not trap lines
Oooops, where did those children go?
Sorry about all those lost children
they must have
run away
wild savage runaways
while we were busy
being so generous with our genocide.
Whose fault is it
that you never made anything
from all those small pox handouts
you’re so lucky
the federal government takes care of you
children of the land, just like
they take care of
wild salmon stock and streams and
don’t look toward northern Alberta,
don’t look toward northern Alberta,
that’s just another side effect
of being so generous
so generous with our genocide.
How can you be so unappreciative
when you didn’t even pay
for the death schools
for the death scoops
for the death cops
you didn’t even pay
except with your land
except with your bodies and
your children
except with everything we could take.
How could you be so unappreciative
for this civilization of appropriation –
don’t you see your masks
your history on our gallery walls
this is the way
we romance genocide,
lust after transformers and gods and spirits
that we can beat out of brown bodies
that we can legislate into
pre-Columbian fairy tales,
see? This is how to
be generous in genocide:
frame what you aim to break,
call every abuse charity,
and cry on the cbc
if anyone breathes word
of your complicity.

(for Rex Murphy et al)


By Sasha Wiley


One thought on “A Poem for Rex Murphy

  1. Reblogged this on raincoaster and commented:
    Because Rex Murphy has long since become nothing more than the slavering ,flapping courtier gums that he once opposed.

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