On a roll… EXCEPT NOT REALLY!!! Just Kidding! Oh, and where’s my cookie?

radical access mapping project

So some of the comments over at
on this video are… interesting i suppose? But not really. Fairly predictable stuff. Nevertheless, i do agree with the writer.

This is what i wrote about it on facebook:

As someone permanently on wheels myself, i gotta respectfully say that i actually find this ad boring and pretty predictable, and yes indeed inspiration porn.

For me, dedication, loyalty, friendship, or solidarity might more accurately look like (in the context of this messaging anyways, though i have bigger plans for this kind of stuff lol) :

  • all those dudes leaving for the bar in those wheelchairs,
  • and hanging out there while in them,
  • going home in those wheelchairs (or trying to get an accessible cab in one),
  • meeting and enjoying their dates while in those wheelchairs,
  • doing their jobs while in those wheelchairs,
  • hell, going for a job interview or taking the bus to…

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